Sunday, March 23, 2014

#LouCrew Shoots Festus, MO

(Left to right: Chris, "Dremel", Big James, Joe)
#LouCrew shoots Festus, MO. Another great show of awesomeness at a 40 target 3D tournament. Dave aka "Dremel" keeps showing top shooting (& posing) skills. Big James started got off on tremendous start, pin-wheeling shot after shot. His challenge came on the second half of shoot. My man, Joe (@slsgdad), was stubborn in letting us know he meant business. He took ime to give advice and tips to other shooters. He proudly wore his well ironed Hoyt shirt, and accepted compliments of his arrow flight & flat trajectory. Chris and I just could not find our rithym early on, erratic shot placement is putting it lightly.  However, he and I did get second wind and signs of shooting skills, placing more arrows in the 10 ring. 
(32 yard pin-wheeling)

Overall, we had a kick ass time. Laughter is a constant (and a must).  Shooting is fun. Shooting with great peeps makes it that much more amazing.  

(Just because they shoot Hoyt they think they belong in the SI swimsuit issue. Posers! Gotta live it)

I will not go out with out giving an archery tip (and my sorry excuse):  DO NOT drink too many "man sodas" and stay up late the night before an archery tournament, when participants must have  STEADY (and not shaky) hands - ESPECIALLY if you can't hang with the pros, like yours truly. 

Our next shoot: Brownstown, IL. TBA 

Go team #LouCrew  

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