Sunday, January 12, 2014

Solid Broadheads Review: my thoughts

I waited, waited and did more research for the selection of my broadhead to go with for my 2014 Elk Hunt. Here it is: Steve Speck's SOLID BROADHEAD.

"These broadheads are made of 100% solid stainless steel. There is no aluminum, and no MIM (metal injection molding). Even the torx screw is stainless! There are obviously no moving parts, and the blade lockup seems absolutely rock solid.
The blades on the Solid Broadhead are made of S30V blade steel, hardened to 59HRC. S30V is a premium steel that has never been used on a broadhead, but it is celebrated in high-end knives for its cutting performance, strength, wear resistance, and edge retention. For a detailed, technical explanation of S30V steel, I highly recommend that you take a look at this article from knife expert Doug Ritter." - Detailed Review at

Other review: by Wired To Hunt

- My expectations of the Solid Broadhead: I've killed my share of whitetail and other game, using a variety of broadheads, but none have impressed my with their TRUE flying heads to take to an elk hunt! Because my shot distance will increase (I have decided 60 yards will be my limit on an Elk hunt), I need the best precision, cutting, durability, and reliability on my broadhead - in ONE broadhead.

- My Personal Experience with the Solid Broadhead:
· Precision: I tested the Solid BH against practice field points, practice competitor BH, and actual competitor BH. I didn't get scientific, here. I am just a BOWHUNTER who chose a day, 60 yards as my testing distance, used my set up (see my gear), and just shot. The Solid Broadheads were just as true as the practice field points, better than its competitor fixed blade, and just as true as the mechanical heads.

· Cutting: I don't want to show you foam, but I can tell you the Solid Broadheads cut...., WELL. The total cut was just at 1.75" (used standard measuring tape). They advertise a 1-5/8" cut. The bleeder blades are absolutely a plus! Allow me to show you the real thing:

· Durability: The above pictures display the exit would. The arrow went completely through, stuck deep into the mud, cleaned it, and it remains SHARP and in TACT! With the cost of these BH, I'm tickled pink just how TOUGH they really are. They do advertise a 45% more edge retention than others - I believe it!

· Reliability: no moving parts = no failing parts. How many times have you recovered your broadhead after it has hit bone or dirt, and blades are bent or missing metal? This has to do with durability, but think about it..., I can rely on its durability for continued use with unmatched CONFIDENCE.

For you?: This product is for serious bowhunters looking for the best of the best, reducing mechanical failures, increase precision, and ensure the most ethical kill possible. I already know it works for whitetail. I am confident it will work on bigger game. Oh, it's MADE IN THE USA! They are available in a standard 100 gr, 125 gr. Deep six nuts, they have you covered. If what you have used, use, and are not comfortable with change - "don't fix what's not broken".

Negative: Sticker Shock. $79.99! This "Rolls Royce" of broadheads is NOT for everyone.
But that's based on the "eye of the beholder".

Think of all the positives. All the positives in ONE broadhead! If you practice with your real broadheads, damage one (or two), off to buy more. If you don't practice with the real thing..., then how do you know they are going to fly "true" when the moment of truth presents itself? With the Solid Broadhead, you can "practice the way you are going to play - with the actual BH you will be using, and be confident.

"The Solid Guarantee: We guarantee every Solid Broadhead for life. If the broadhead ever fails in a hunting situation we will replace it - no questions asked. The quality, craftsmanship and materials used are second to none, and we stand behind our broadheads every step of the way!"

I am HAPPY I got to test them out in practice, BLESSED to have put more meat in the freezer with them, and very CONFIDENT with my choice of Solid Broadheads for my 2014 Elk Hunt!

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